Monday, August 10, 2009

Not-So Funny People

Let's just start off by saying two couples in front of me got up and left. I'll get to why in a minute.

Don't you think you run the risk of extra criticism when you title your comedy "Funny People?" I do like Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan and even Jonah Hill, but don't label them as funny.

After seeing the commercials a dozen times... you know, "How old is Harry Potter? Shouldn't he have graduated by know?" "Are you mad that you died at the end of Die Hard?"... I thought, that's kind of funny, but doesn't seem super funny. I'll give it a try anyway.

Then, when the movie started, I realized those were the only few jokes that weren't R-rated. That's why they had to be in the commercial.

When there's not the drama of a famous comic who's lonely and finds out he's going to die, every single joke consists of the nasty stuff that everyone who has ever been to a comedy show knows comics turn to when they think they're tanking. "Quick, think of something extremely vulgar about your body parts that will make people so uncomfortable they'll have to laugh."

That's why the two couples left. I'm surprised they stuck it out for a full half hour.

Before writing this blog, I watched the 3 1/2 minute trailer online. It's packed full of jokes that aren't in the movie. So, they took out perfectly funny humor to replace it will the vile stuff?

Ok, if you've read this blog before, you know that I dislike raunchy content. (Why I keep going to R-rated movies, I've yet to figure out.) So let's move on to why I disliked the movie for other reasons.

1. It's SO long. You think (hope) it's going to end soon and then you realize the real plot -- about "the one that got away" -- hasn't even started yet.

2. The cameos. Sure, it's fun to see Adam Sandler, who essentially plays himself, interact with big-name comedians on a social level. You have Ray Romano, Sarah Silverman, Norm McDonald, Paul Reiser... but then you have Eminem and James Taylor. Eminem is (no surprise) annoying and rude. And not in an obvious "making fun of himself" kind of way. Then, James Taylor, who plays two of my favorite songs in the movie, opens his dirty mouth and spits out two dirty jokes -- and couldn't even deliver them with a straight face.

3. Leslie Mann. Don't like her. I want to tell her to take it down and octave and move her lips when she talks. In my opinion, she could play the Good Witch of the North and that's about it. I think she has a lot to do with the movie dragging on and on, since it centers around her for the last hour.

One of these days I'll review a movie I like, I promise!

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