Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hangover: Rauncheriffic

It pains me to admit that The Hangover was really funny. The humor and the characters were fairly unique, which I liked. It was strangely suspenseful and not at all dark, which I somehow expected. This movie also managed to have a lot of physical comedy without it being slapstick or cheesy.

Four very different guys leave for a bachelor weekend in Las Vegas. Someone slipped them drugs and they can't remember anything from the night before. They wake up with a missing groom, a missing tooth, a baby and a tiger. The movie takes you along a mystery tour trying to figure out what the heck happened.

This movie was really raunchy. I leaned over and covered my husband's eyes at least three times, and he gets much less offended than I do. There's one brief moment of female nudity in the context of breastfeeding, and one full-frontal of a Chinese gangster.

THEN comes the finale. Once the loose ends have been tied up, the guys go through their digital camera to look through all the photos. That's when the real adventure becomes clear, and the REAL offensive stuff comes out. I'm talking jaw-dropping horrible photos. If you can walk out during the credits and skip this part, go for it. But I'm a realist and I get that people who go to see that movie know what they're in for and would laugh at my suggestion to leave.

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