Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eastwood Tops Box Office

Movie goers flocked to see the Clint Eastwood drama "Gran Torino" this weekend, giving the 78-year-old actor and director his biggest opening weekend ever. The movie brought in $29 million dollars to take the top spot at the box office according to Warner Brothers Pictures. The best weekend previously for Eastwood was 2000's "Space Cowboys," which earned $18 million in its first few days. It was the first weekend "Gran Torino" was in wide release, as it had been shown in fewer than 100 theatres in the previous month.

It was followed by the debut of the comedy "Bride Wars" starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson with $21.5 million and the supernatural thriller "The Unborn" ar $21.1 million.

In fourth was the movie which spent the past two weeks atop the charts, "Marley & Me," at $11.4 million. It was followed by "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" with $9.5 million dollars in receipts.

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